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  1. Carlo, that is a remarkable story! I am so glad you waited a year to reenter Kindergarten or I would not have had the privilege to know you as Jeff’s friend. Keep on singing Honey!


    1. Kathy! So glad you liked that story – and I am so grateful that I was in the Class of ’96 kindergarten – it’s amazing how many of us are still friends after all these years – since we were literally sooo little – truly a beautiful thing and a reflection of all of our parents! You all raised us and taught us the amazing values of our home.


  2. Didn’t know that either, Carlo! Everything happens for a reason…like you say, you’re so proud to be a part of the Class of ’96 and still maintain so many friends from North Star and the wider class at R.H.S. So excited to see your show! Good luck! xoxoxoxoxo


  3. Hey, Carlo. What a great story. I am a first grade drop out. I dropped out of school and came back a year later. Glad I did because I was able to mature and focus on school instead of worrying about being away from home. And also, I met your brother Roberto, who turned out to be one of my best friends throughout school. Tell my old buddy Fuda (that’s what we all called him) I said hello. Thanks for sharing your wonderful stories, recipes, and experiences.


    1. Hey Shawn! Thanks for reaching out – nice to know I’m not the only elementary school drop-out!! It’s amazing because I am still friends with many from my class, and that never would have been if I didn’t quit and come back a year later. I guess everything really does happen for a reason. I’ll be sure to tell Rob (aka Fuda) that you said hello! Hope all is well your way – all the best, Carlo


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