IMG_1651_0638.jpgI should start by telling you that I’ve been to Italy at least 30 times; I kind of lost count over the years, but trust me, when it comes to Italy, I’m an expert.  I have so much to share about this beautiful country and intoxicating culture.  It’s what I know most and best in life.

From the majestic white-capped Alps of Torino to the sensual intoxication of Capri’s breezes, I have been in love with ‘la bella Italia’ as far back as I remember.  Born in the United States, and proud to be American, I am also a proud son and citizen of Italy.  She has always been there with open arms to embrace me, raise me, and share with me her food, art, music, family, and tradition.

It’s not really just about pizza and piazzas…it’s more.  Welcome to my Italy.


  1. went to italy for our honeymoon! We went to Venice (loved) and Rome and Tuscany! It was all amazing, can’t wait to go back!!


    1. Leslie! That’s awesome! Isn’t Venice just the most serene, beautiful place? I love it there! I’ll be posting some cool Italy stuff over the next few months – perhaps it will give you a bit of travel fever to return to Italia!


      1. OMG we so can’t wait to get back! We definitely have to go back to Venice and want to go to some other places too!! Where else would you recommend that isn’t goo americanized?


      2. Two places that are often missed by the typical traveler to Italy include Piemonte and Calabria. Though some may say I’m biased because I lived in Turin (Piemonte) and my family is from Calabria, I absolutely love these very unique, unexpected regions of “la bella Italia!” One is way North, the other down South, and Rome is smak-dab in the middle.

        When you eventually go back, let me know and I’ll hook you up with some recommendations and info! In the meantime, here’s a quick overview of each destination:

        Turin, or Torino, lies in the heart of the Piemonte region, and is in the far northwest corner of the country (near France). The city, which hosted the 2006 Winter Olympics, looks unlike typical Renaissance cities – it’s Baroque. Nestled at the foothills of the Alps, Piemonte is known for excellent wines (Barolo, Dolcetto D’Alba), truffles, chocolate, Martini & Rossi, and of course, FIAT. So, if you like blending into the metropolitan scene of a fast-paced European city, then you will love Torino.

        Calabria, on the other hand, is beach central, oftentimes referred to as “the Caribbean of Italy.” A trip here requires a bit more preparation since it is not typically visited by Americans (so English is not as widely spoken as in other cities). The ‘big toe’ of Italy, Calabria, is way down south, surrounded by clear, blue, Mediterranean waters, and as you would expect, the weather is gorgeous at peak times during the year (unfortunately, also the expensive time). Nonetheless, Calabria is known for hot peppers and a culture that is just as spicy. Here people live “la dolce vita,” and it’s a slower pace. The warm, welcoming reputation of Italy, in my opinion, was born in Calabria!


    1. My dearest Phae, how could I forget?! I’m so happy you were there to share the adventure with me – and the Thanksgiving meal you prepared was incredible and unforgettable! Baci!


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