Béchamel: Endless Possibilites

I first learned how to make béchamel in Italy…and ever since, I’ve been in love. Actually, in lust. I use it in my traditional lasagna, and tonight, with an abundance of garden-fresh zucchini, I used it to whip up an experimental vegetarian dish. Success – freakin’ delizioso. I layered béchamel, Barilla pasta sheets, sautéed zucchini, onion, & jalepeno, and fresh tomato slices with mozzarella and pecorino romano.

This easy sauce can transform pastas, meats, and veggies into an elevated epicurean delight with just a touch of imagination.

Click HERE for my béchamel recipe.

And for my traditional lasagna, click HERE.

Buon Apetito!

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