Why does such evil exist?

It’s not a singular cause, but a complex combination of genetics, biology, mathematics, chemistry, nature & nurture. Are guns the problem? Is mental illness the problem? Is racism the problem? Is America the problem? It’s all of it. An infinite collaboration of influence…as unique as each person who lucks onto the planet.

When we become defensive with a singular point of view, when we become naively passive with thoughts & prayers, we are ultimately not working towards honesty & action. Firstly, we need to stop making everything so mutually exclusive. Just stop.

Secondly, we need to work together with a common language & vision. That language is science, logic, evidence, & reason. What it also means is that in the realm of all sharing the planet, opinions are great, beliefs are super, but nobody cares. With all due respect, the abundance of ‘thoughts & prayers’ is confusing & insulting. But, understandably, there is comfort for some in prayer. I say, pray on. Whatever you believe, whatever you might think awaits you, the ONLY thing you know for sure is this life. So, as I often tell others, imagine a meteor hits the Earth in the next 2 hours. Choose your actions & reactions carefully. Love hard. Own your truth. Avoid delusion. Enjoy this amazing chance you have to just be here. Every morning, when I wake up, the first thing I think is, “Sweet. 50% of my day is done. I woke the fuck up. Now I gotta squeeze a shit ton of life in the next half.”

This Life is a song I wrote to reflect how amazing life is…just the chance to be here.  To luck onto this planet.  I don’t believe in heaven or hell, ghosts or angels, but I know, feel, and live a life of gratitude, love, compassion, understanding, fun, and often, a brutally rational perspective of existence.

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