Half Awake & Half In Dreams

I have some pretty big news to share, followed by a bunch of little news, then, a humble and sincere shameless plug.  Also, none of this is fake news.

Ten years ago, I left Pittsburgh and began a decade-long journey – from Italy to Connecticut, Erie to Buffalo…and by the end of this summer, I’ll be making my way back home, returning to the start of it all, Ellwood City, where I will begin a fresh chapter in a familiar place.  So, that’s the big news.  I am beyond excited to reconnect, regroup, and restart my businesses and dreams, galvanized and ready for more.

The past ten years have been filled with so much life, right?  I’ve had my share of adventure, joy, and heartache, just as you, and we’ve watched each other and listened to one another from far away with Facebook and group texts.  In a Kafka-esque kinda way, the past year has been the most defining metamorphisis for me – here comes some of the little news – I’ve lost weight, I moved to Buffalo, started my own businesses, and I have been sober for 6 months.  I quit drinking alcohol.  If you know me, then you know that over the years Carlo Fuda became synonymous with partying.  But that’s different now, especially since giving up the devil’s nectar.  I want Carlo Fuda to be known for so much more – and now,  as I approach 40, old enough to look back, young enough to see forward, I own my life’s truths, roll with the punches, and keep trying, without surrender.

It isn’t easy and definitely isn’t without hiccups, risk, good choices, and bad decisions along the way.  That being said, I look back on the past 6 months (when I started Carlo Fuda LLC), and I’ve worked with amazing clients, had incredible prospects, learned a lot, and evolved my vision.  It’s been a slow, rocky start, bills are piling up, but I’m determined and ready to re-launch in my hometown of Ellwood City.  In the meantime, over this transition period, I could use your support.   Here are a few ways you can help (thus, the shameless plug):

1).  Shop for cool stuff at BOCCAfuda.com/shop and PegYourPants.com

2).  Share these sites with friends and family and on social media

3).  Email me at carlo@boccafuda.com if you know of a brand or business currently looking for Content Marketing solutions.

I’ve always been a dreamer and have never stopped chasing.  Knock me down 99 times, I’ll get up 100.  Afterall, la vita is dolce.  Eat it.  (life is sweet…eat it!)

Thank you and mille grazie for your support, for reading this, and for being you. ❤

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