Peg Your Pants | 80’s Nostalgia Store

At the time, we could have hardly imagined the pop-culture explosion of the 1980’s.  For us 80’s kids, life was filled with Saturday morning cartoons, music videos, and old-school video games.  It was also a decade of mega-branding.  From Cabbage Patch Kids to Garbage Pail Kids, the fads and manias of the 80’s were our treasures.  It’s time to discover, share, and revel in maximum nostalgia.


I started Peg Your Pants with a passion for the 1980’s and an attic full of well-preserved collectibles and originals (it was a big attic). When my parents finally moved out of my childhood home, I started going through boxes and boxes of memories and tons of stuff.  It made me happy.  Which made me grateful.  I felt like Clark Griswold in Christmas Vacation, crying in the attic wearing his mother’s turban. I want to share this with you.  There is something for everyone – from the serious collector to the 80’s kids who wish they still had their Pound Puppy.

Peg Your Pants is an 80’s nostalgia experience and online store.  As a treat for yourself or as a gift for the Fraggle fanatic, the SHOP is fun to explore, priced affordably, and shipped with awesomeness. The PYP Blog covers everything 80’s is always looking for passionate contributors to tell a story, provide a commentary, or share a memory.

Our mission is to make people happy by providing a nostalgic experience that makes the day just a little more awesome.

See more 80’s memories and collectibles at Peg Your Pants!

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