New Single! Se Mi Lasci Non Vale

One of my earliest memories of music is listening to records in our basement with my Mother, who has a collection dating back to the 60’s Italian pop-dance movement. Artists like Gianni Morandi, Little Tony, Patty Pravo, and Massimo Ranieri – and one familiar friend to the boot, Julio Iglesias. I remember being around 3 years old, dancing to Se Mi Lasci Non Vale, loving it. As I grew older, I would always listen to it. I still do. So I wanted to make it a piece of me that I can share with others – my interpretation of a favorite song, one that has both empowered and belittled me.

I had the pleasure of working with Hit Beat Records in Turin, Italy. My friends and musical collaborators on all of my songs (Up & Down, What You See, This Life, SAY). Thank you for listening – if you like it, please share it, comment, reach out, and just enjoy.

A presto! Carlo

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