You’re A Winner!

Everyone wants to win the lottery.  A chance to win the ultimate prize.  That’s life.  Those of us who have lucked into this world, onto this planet, have been given an incredible, amazing opportunity to experience life, to live, to experience for a brief blip in the history of existence, life.  To me, it is the most amazing, true story I have ever heard.  Me.  The fact that I’m here, that you are here, those unforgettable moments, peppered with every emotion that humans are born to experience, is a testament of how valuable you are as a human being, and that you have every right to be here.

I believe in science and evidence, logic and reason, the power of the human spirit, truth, and a desire to live each day being responsible for my own accountability on this planet, how I treat and understand other people, respecting and contributing to fair laws, and not doing to others what I wouldn’t want done to me.

Richard Dawkins offers his perspective on the meaning of life – this from someone who lives according to an admirable moral code of humanity, without religion or god(s), who seeks truth through evidence and fairness, reality and honesty.  



  1. And this is why I have mad love for you and hope we stay friends forever!! You are truly one of the greatest people I know. I am blessed to have met you and you always keep a smile on my face with your true realness! I will always love you for being you! ❤️💋


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