Self-Control & How I Lost 65 Pounds

I’m a child of the 80’s, and I’ll start off by saying that Laura Branigan’s Self Control is one of the most awesome songs of that decade.  Also, spoiler alert, it’s the #1 tip on my Top 5 List of how I lost over 65 pounds in one year, which I am sharing with you through 80’s music and personal advice.  I worked hard, learned a lot, and feel the best I have in 20 years.  I didn’t diet, take pills, or practice voodoo.  I started eating better, eating less, working out, and eventually realizing, “Hey, I’m f*cking worth more than this bullshit.  Time to change.”  There is no secret, magic potion – you gotta bust your ass, but trust me, if you want something badly enough, it’s worth it.  Most importantly, do what is best for you.  Strive to be happy and healthy, and the rest will follow in time. Here’s my “before & after” – a span of 1 year and 2 months.


#5  Here I Go Again

It’s not the first time you’ve tried to lose weight, right?  It’s a new start, but learn from what worked and what didn’t in the past. It’s a lifestyle change; you have to incorporate exercise and diet into your everyday. Again, you have to. Don’t dwell on your struggles and failures with weight-loss.  Be gentle with yourself.  Don’t set unrealistic expectations or unattainable goals.  Each time you try something, you get closer to succeeding.  It’s a marathon, not a sprint.  Relax, breathe, and start again.

#4  Man in the Mirror

I didn’t like who I saw.  It wasn’t me.  I felt trapped inside of a body that I didn’t recognize, like, or feel comfortable in – but until I looked in the mirror and owned my unhappiness, I wasn’t going to make any changes to be a happier, healthier person. I needed a HUGE serving of T (that’s the Truth).   In order to put in the time and work it takes, you have to fully understand that you deserve better.  To be and to want the vision you see in your head.  Why would anyone do something so great for someone they don’t love?  Love yourself.

#3  Flashdance – What a Feeling

A body in motion, stays in motion.  No, you don’t need to run a triathlon or climb Mount Everest, but you need to move.  I’m sorry.  You just do.  And it feels amazing.  I know, I know.  It hurts when you’re carrying extra weight.  I’ve been there.  A doctor once told me, “Just get on the treadmill.  When you first start to sweat, stop.  Do it again the next day.” I started slow, didn’t freak, and something that I did a little every day, turned into something I can’t live without.  If I don’t make it to the gym, I crank up the music and dance in my apartment.  I do yoga in Italian.  I stretch or do sit-ups.  I do something. Every day.

#2 Hungry Like the Wolf

I never leave a table or meal full.  Ever.  You don’t need to.  It feels gross, it’s not good for your body, and if you practice a few good eating habits, you’ll feel much better.  I drink water with every meal and all day.  I eat until I am about 70-75% full.  After finishing, yeah, I’m still hungry, but after about 30 minutes, that goes away.  I’ve had to teach myself that stuffing myself is NOT feeding myself.  I eat less, and I also eat better.  I’m always just a little hungry, but I have recognized that my hunger has often been confused with thirst (drink LOTS of water all day!), sadness, stress, etc.  The exercise and yoga help with all of these, too. I also believe in the healing power of food (just wait until my post on tumeric) – so fill up on superfoods.

#1 Self Control

I avoid artificial anything as much as possible (even though it’s delicious), and I eat as natural as possible (tons of whole grains, healthy fats, fruits, and veggies).  I also don’t deny myself ANYTHING.  Sorry, not sorry.  I’m human, life is short, and I refuse to go without cheesecake. It’s called self control.  Decadent treats are once-in-a-while and in limited doses.  I have to make decisions when I eat something.  Is it worth the calories?  Does it benefit my body?  Is it delicious?  What did I eat today?  Did I get what I need from food?  Is this fake or processed?  Is a meteor going to hit the planet in the next five minutes ?  So, yeah, I absolutely like an occasional Big Mac.  I don’t eat them often, nor am I to cast the last stone.  It tastes good.  I know it’s full of crap.  I know I can’t eat them all the time (or similar foods that are FILLED with preservatives, sodium, and fake shit).  I’m not an idiot.  On the contrary, I’m informed and making the best decisions…for me.

Thanks for reading – I’ll be sharing more tips, recipes, and other stuff meant to inspire.  I’m not an asshole, so feel free to ask questions or start a discussion. It’s all good.

Now, streeeeeeeeeetch.



  1. You look fabulous!!! Congrats on your weight loss and finding what works for you. I think we all have to dig into the reason why we packed the pounds on to begin with to really shed the parkas we have placed on ourselves. Its when we uncover that TRUTH that we find the key to actually losing the weight to begin with. Kudos for digging deep within and discovering the real reason for your weight. I know I started doing that in Sept and have already lost 43 pounds by just looking within to why I ate like I did. I found that I punished myself with binge eating. I actually would say I’m celebrating something by eating a slice or two of pie, but what I found that even in the celebration of an achievement I still thought I could have done better. It was a huge eye opener for me and made me start treating myself better. With that revelation, I have just seen the pounds shed, because I no longer look at food as a way to get back at myself. Instead it just is a way to nourish my body and provide me with the energy I need to face the day. Thanks for sharing your story, I hope so many will be encouraged to look at dieting a new way. Its not about counting calories, limiting everything, and just a ton of exercise. Its about digging deep within, accepting the TRUTHS we find, and really learning to accept ourselves for who we are. 🙂


    1. Thanks so much for your encouragement, Tiffany – and for sharing. I absolutely love this: ‘a way to nourish my body and provide me with the energy I need to face the day’ – I couldn’t agree more. I can literally feel the strength from certain foods I eat. I never would have imagined how important being honest with myself about so many things would results in making healthy lifestyle changes. Happy 2016 – let’s rock it!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Congratulations Carlo. Not sure if you remember me or not from high school but I was like a grade a head of you @ Riverside. Anyway, I love the steps you have listed & am counting down till 2016 is here and I am on my way to a happier-healthier ME. I am happy now, but have about 25-30lbs that I would ❤️ to lose. Thanks for the tips & cannot wait to read more


    1. Hi Kristin! Great to hear from you – yes, of course I remember you! Glad to hear you are well – thanks for reading. I’ll have more tips, ideas, and recipes in the new year – stay tuned!


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