At the coppa…

And 8 weeks later we have COPPA~!  This family-made version of what many call ‘capicola,’ is salt-cured pork shoulder, dressed with spices and wrapped in all-natural casing.  Sliced thin and typical of an authentic Italian antipasto course, this is one of my favorite outputs of the family’s annual salumi making ritual.  coppaSimilar to prosciutto,  culatello, or speck, coppa makes a boring afternoon much more fun served with prosecco, sharp cheeses, crusty Italian bread, grapes, and pickled vegetables.  For those very special occasions, the addition of pizzette.   That’s how Italians enter into the evenings, with a drink in hand, surrounded by passion and love…it’s how Italians do ‘Aperitivo.’  Hours after lunch, hours before dinner, it’s time that is dedicated to socializing and most importantly, connecting.

We don’t all have the time or skillful art of making cured meats at home, but we do all have the time to sit with family and friends, cherishing each moment that weaves the tapestry of life.  So crack open a few bottles, stop at your local deli for a selection of charcuterie and cheeses, and invite your loved ones around you to spend a few hours laughing, eating, and appreciating the awesomeness of it all.  Salute!


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