My “Ode to Limoncello” Cake

Limoncello…Cold, sexy, refreshing, and let’s face it, makes you feel pretty good, too.  It ends many Italian meals all over the boot and is the defining drink of Sorrento, where lemon trees splash color against the Amalfi coast like a Van Gogh.

I love making cakes and curds from scratch, but even the most passionate bakers find themselves in a time crunch and you just gotta go ‘semi-homemade.’   This creamy, lemony dessert is perfect for summer – a sweet ‘palate cleansing’ finish to bbq’s, picnics, and any Italian feast.


“Ode to Limoncello” Cake

i.n.g.r.e.d.i.e.n.t.i. (ingredients)

1 pkg Duncan Hines® Moist Deluxe® Lemon Supreme Cake Mix

3 eggs

1/3 cup olive oil

1 1/3 cup of water

1 10-oz. jar of Dickinson’s Lemon Curd

2 cups heavy cream

1/4 cup confectioners sugar

2 tsp. pure lemon extract

10 drops yellow food coloring

1/4 cup Limoncello

Slices of lemon (for garnish)

p.r.o.c.e.d.a.m.e.n.t.i. (directions)

Follow the instructions on the cake mix (I used olive oil instead of vegetable oil – I find it makes cakes some cakes more moist) and evenly divide the batter into two 9″ round cake pans.  Bake as indicated by package and allow to cool.

Using an electric mixer, add the cream, confectioner’s sugar, food coloring and lemon extract – beat until stiff peaks form and you have a light and fluffy whipped cream.

Spoon the lemon curd into a bowl and mix to soften.

Divide each cake into two layers (total of four layers).  Place the bottom layer directly onto your serving platter.  Brush the cake with half of the Limoncello and spoon half of the curd.  Spread evenly.  Add another layer of cake.  Drop a large spoonful of the whipped cream (about 1/2 cup whipped) and spread evenly.  Add another layer of cake, brush with limoncello and add remaining curd.  Spread evening and then top with the last cake layer.  Spoon the whipped cream onto the top and spread evenly and also around the sides.  Garnish with a few lemon slices or decorate as you wish.

Simple, delicious, and quick.   Oh, and sooo lemony.

Buon Apetito!


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