a good drink…is found

The Levantini
The Levantini

A good drink really isn’t that hard to find.  But, I suppose that’s because I’m an optimist and I believe in the many talented bartenders, mixologists, and cocktail specialists all over the world.  I’m sure there are plenty less deserving of any of those titles, but that goes without saying.

And when you’re home, busy as a bee, balancing ‘la dolce vita’ with hardcore productivity, sometimes the best bartender is…yourself.  I’m working a ‘to-do’ list that is about a gagillion items long, and I have been busy today with conference calls and cooking…from stuffed peppers to meatballs, melangiane chini to pomodori ripieni, and now, I am finally sitting down to do more work.  But, with a drink.  And, a good movie.  And a comfortable Pittsburgh Steelers sweatshirt.

It’s rainy, grey, and dreary out, so I decided to excite my taste-buds with the exotic…I call it The Levantini* – with the zing of ginger and the punch of lemon, this cilantro infused martini will get you moving.


1 oz. Domaine Canton French Ginger Liqueur

1 oz. Russo Limoncello

The juice of 1 lime.

3 ice cubes

A big, sexy pinch of fresh cilantro

Shine that up with a slice of lime and sprig of cilantro


Mix it in a shaker.  Pour it in a glass.  Shake your money maker.  Time to move your a**.

*Levantarse in Spanish means “to raise yourself”.

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