con te partiro.

The song, “Con Te Partiro,” was originally performed by Andrea Bocelli during the San Remo Music Festival in Italy, sometime in the 90’s.  Since then, it has been performed by thousands, if not millions, in many shapes and forms, duets to remixes, small concerts to grandiose performances.  For me, the song holds incredible meaning and has been the theme for countless special memories and unforgettable moments.

Here are a two of my favorites – and being Mother’s Day, both stories are quite fitting.

Happy Mother’s Day to all of the Mothers, and especially to the greatest Mom in the Universe, my Mamma. 

When one of my best friends in the world asked me to sing at her wedding, I was, to the say the very least, elated and honored.  She decided upon one of my absolute favorite songs, “Con Te Partiro.”  I remember being so nervous – wanting to get it just right to commemorate the special occasion.   I sang, noticing tearful eyes among the guests, especially my best friend’s Mom, who I have adored and admired since childhood, and I often joke about being an adopted child.   Seeing her reaction, as I sang with heart-felt passion,  I knew that I was accomplishing my objective – to move emotions through voice and song, in honor of my amazing friend and her also amazing husband.

When I attended school in Florence for Voice, I chose “Con Te Partiro” as my selection for our first public concert, and I practiced with strong dedication for weeks.  An hour before I needed to be at the school, I made my way to La Piazza della Signoria, which was far enough and hidden enough from my school.   I called my Mom, telling her that I didn’t feel ready, that I was terribly nervous, and that I had decided to just skip it.  She said, in an Italian accent, of course,  “What have you got to lose? You know you will be fine.  Just do it.”   From 5,000 miles away, my Mom was there for me, as always, doing what an exceptional Mother does – supporting me and loving me, pushing me harder, keeping me safe, and teaching me the importance of courage and relentless drive.  I got off the phone and ran through the twisted medieval streets of Florence, back to my school, which was located on Via Roma, about 100 feet from the breath-taking Piazza Duomo.   I performed this song, in front of a small audience, yet a small audience of established Musical talents and esteemed professionals.  More memorable, however, was knowing that right outside the many windows of the concert room, tourists and locals, hustled and bustled, moving with the flow of Life, and my voice, for that brief moment in passing, was their theme song.



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