Carlo Quotes~On Life

“I may not be where I want to be, but with each step, I’m heading where I want to go.” – Carlo Fuda

Apple Cinnamon Crumble : Sbriciolata di Mele e Cannella


It goes without saying that when I travel to Italy, I am constantly in the kitchen, with family and friends, learning recipes, traditions, and secret tips-n-tricks.  I learn from the best, skillful masters of the art of authentic Italian cooking.  … Continue reading

pickled lil’ devil


It’s no secret that I am Italian and love to cook Italian.  I think that was pretty evident on The American Baking Competition, where even my apron was essentially just the Italian flag draped proudly over this little bambino.  But I wasn’t … Continue reading

‘Fennel Beef’ Radicchio Wraps


When I use the terms, ‘crop to table,’ I’m seriously not joking.  This time of year, though chilly, is a wonderful period of harvest for specific, ‘limited-time-only,’ delicacies, like fennel, radicchio, chestnuts, and pumpkins.  Today’s recipe was plucked fresh and … Continue reading